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Contact: Paul Perry, POC
New Link Access Corporation
1229 N. North Branch Street, Suite #101
Chicago, Illinois 60642-2497
* Phone (312) 440-9334 Fax (312) 440-9335

E Mail: paul@newlinkaccess.com

*"We love doing business the old fashioned way!
Give us a call, we'd love to talk to you by phone."

One of the original GSA Advantage! 736 contractors, New Link Staffing brings a wealth of experience and past success to the implementation of your staffing plan. In business since 1995, our specialty is administrative level and data entry support located on-site at your location for projects lasting longer than six months.

Our administrative specialists support such functions as clerical support, document preparation and handling, database maintenance, and general administrative support. Our people are experts using computers, word processing, database, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and various other business administration software.

In fact, around Chicagoland, and more and more around the Country, we are the Government's preferred temporary services supplier. That's because New Link Staffing provides you with Better Value. From our frontline people you see every day, to our customer service and back office support staff, you receive nothing less than our best!

Do you require high QUALITY administrative staffing professionals, located across the U.S.?


New Link Staffing!
We bring Administrative accuracy and distinction to your Mission. We're There, when and wherever, you need us.

Our specialties are SIN 736 1, and SIN 736 2.

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SIN 736 1 listings
Temporary Clerical
and Administrative Support Occupations
(Price Ranging from
$25.65 to $50.66 per hour)
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Temporary Automatic Data Processing Occupations

(Price Ranging from
$33.09 to $50.06 per hour)